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Atyab Al-Marshoud is a multi-generational company established in 1925, one of the oldest companies in the perfume industry in Kuwait and the Gulf. Founded by the late Suleiman Al-Marshoud in 1925 and it was the first perfume company established in the Gulf The late Suleiman Al-Marshoud is a historical icon in Kuwait and the Gulf, as he was the first to bring perfumes in the Gulf region and traveled extensively to India and Southeast Asia to search for incense from thousand-year-old trees. The late Suleiman Al-Marshoud sold incense and pure oils extracted from plants and flowers, and taught his sons the art of mixing oils to make perfumes and the skills of selling incense in the original way. After the death of the late, his sons followed in his footsteps and the new generation successfully accompanied the future vision while preserving the historical and traditional origins that constitute the essence of the goodness of the guide. In the last five years, the company has expanded in the Gulf with more than 56 branches, and the London branch was opened in 2019, which is the first branch of the company outside the Gulf. Between a generation that rises to the top, and a generation that maintains it.

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