A tag of memories since 1925

A trade established by late Sulaiman Al Marshoud, emperor of perfumes By the traditions value and the creation of own diverse collections of finest fragrances productions, Oils, incenses and the Oudh from different parts of Asia hence Atyab Al Marshoud was born A family owned business, Atyab Al marshoud co. has grown steadily with its founder's procedure. Today it's turn by excitement second Generation al marshoud, responsibility that took to expand The Brand's value, with modern and the latest trend of richness in tradition Atyab Al marshoud has been successfully charming the senses and fascinating the minds of its clients.

Unique collection of traditional Arabic fragrances and oils Its product line, nevertheless, is not limited and is always being improved with newer products, reflecting and catering to the changing tastes and desires of its ever-growing clientele.

More than the years, modern thinking and philosophical creativity have enabled the company to achieve competitive advantage in the energetic fragrance industry. Marshoud product line has come to be related with high quality. Today, ATYAB AL MARSHOUD is a market leader, proud of the highest standards, self-assured in its capabilities and highly positive about the future.

Our Businesses exist to create value.

The common understanding since 1925 with Strong ethical principles

Our future is fully calculated with result of fair business.

Our brand got loyalty in Kuwait as a result investor from Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain and also other part of Gulf are sending us the proposal to take the franchise for ATYAB AL MARSHOUD CO.

Our verdict is not to accept the entire proposal which we get.

Business and brand performance can be benchmarked on their success in moving customers along the customer choice chain (i.e. brand loyalty)

Consequently we're moving our steps.

Script of our concept is mainly in zoom on brand value

As a result, our stocks are unavailable, expect in showrooms in Kuwait High opinion for the culture of the country we operate in, eternal determination on originality and product quality.